What Makeup Look Bridgerton Characters Would Wear

What Makeup Look Bridgerton Characters Would Wear



Daphne Bridgerton Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Daphne: Graceful, Wholesome, Feisty, Demure

Visionary Lash 004 and Illuminator

Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of Lady Bridgerton, made her debut in front of Queen Charlotte and was declared flawless and the most promising prospect to the eligible bachelors. As we watch her turn heads in each ball, we see the graceful and wholesome side of her but as the season goes on we start to see her feisty attitude. If you’re like Daphne, then the Visionary Lashes 004 would be perfect to help frame your elegant stares at your suitors as well as our Flash of Brilliance Skin illuminator to exude the glow from within.


Lady Bridgerton Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Lady Bridgerton: Nurturing, Poised 

Visionary Lash 003 and Modern Nudes Palettes

Where would the Bridgerton series be if Lady Bridgerton was not a part of it? None of our main characters would be alive without her and we would not be obsessed with this show at all! Lady Bridgerton is nurturing and demure but she is also smart and resourceful. Lady Bridgerton solves problems that come their way with her quick thinking and motivation to always have the best possible outcome for her family. For a woman who has such a beautiful heart, Visionary Lash 003 and our Modern Nude Palettes will bring your focus to her beautiful gaze.


ELoise Bridgerton Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Eloise: Strong Willed and Ambitious, Driven 

-Full Control Mascara and Supreme Lash Curler

Eloise, the second daughter of Lady Bridgerton, is the polar opposite of her older sister, Daphne. She is strong willed, ambitious and driven. She does not want to stick to the normalized roles of women and searches for more meaning in life other than becoming a wife. She hopes to go to a university and study and write but unfortunately during this era, women were not allowed to. The perfect match for Eloise is our Full Control Mascara and our Supreme 24k Lash Curler because she was the modern woman she would be our independent, workaholic and always on the go type of lady. 


Lady Danbury Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Lady Danbury: Elegant, Strong, Stunning, Life of the party

Visionary Lash 008 and Lash Glue

Lady Danbury is a mix of soft and strong. We see Lady Danbury nurture her motherly instincts with the Duke of Hastings but also stands strong on her beliefs. She is the socialite everyone wants to become friends with and definitely not someone who they would want as an enemy. She is the life of the party or she is the one throwing the party. With that in mind, if you are just like Lady Danbury and you love hosting gatherings and being the center of attention, we suggest Visionary Lash 008 because it is just the perfect layer of drama and our Lash Glue because it will make sure your lash stays on all party long. 


Queen Charlotte Lash Star Bridgerton Image


Queen Charlotte: Over the top, Unamused 

Visionary Lash 010, Lash Applicator and Lash Scissors

By far the most dramatic character on the Bridgerton series, Queen Charlotte takes the cake and eats it too. Queen Charlotte is over the top and extremely picky. In the series, every single time she is seen, she has a different outfit and different wig on which goes to show that she is always going to be the best in the room. Visionary Lash 010 is perfect for eye catching drama and of course our Lash Applicator and Lash Scissor is something Queen Charlotte would not forget because why would she use her fingers and not have perfectly trimmed lashes? She’s the queen after all, she needs all the fancy things life can offer. 

Penelope Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Penelope: Adorable, Likeable, Quiet

Visionary Lash 001

We are introduced to Penelope and her family in the first episode and you could just tell she was going to be a character you enjoyed even though her family was a little out there. She is adorable and kind and she reminds you of your experience with your first love. With her quiet personality, the Visionary Lash 001 is perfect for her because it is natural yet so classic but does not draw too much attention. 


Lady Featherington Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Lady Featherington: Loud, Assertive 

Brow Pencil, Lash Brush and Visionary Lash 009 

Lady Featherington has a pretty big story arch on the series but we don’t always like her. She’s loud and assertive but she only means well for her daughters. Her style is unique and flashy and her family definitely turns heads wherever they go. In one episode, we see Lady Featherington and her help obsessing over her brows and making sure it is perfect and this is why our Exacting Eyebrow Pencil is perfect for her combined with our Lash Brush to help tame and comb her brow hairs. In addition to those two products, we cannot forget her Visionary Lash 009 for those jaw dropping looks.


Marina Thompson Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Marina Thompson: Tenacious, Strong

Visionary Lash 002

Marina is a character who finds a lot of difficulty in her life but she perseveres through it. With her tenacious character, we see her blossom into a strong woman who does what she needs to do to overcome the complications life has thrown her way and not give up on love. Our Visionary Lash 002 shows a touch of romance yet showing dominance in each room you walk into.



Cressida Cowper: Elitist, Cheeky, Competitive

Visionary Lash 007

Cressida Cowper, Daphne’s nemesis, is a beautiful debutante but has to compete with Daphne. She’s competitive and it’s because she has what it takes to also become the most wanted bride to be. Cressida is the type to create a scene for eyes to be on her and with that said our Visionary Lash 007 gives the perfect drama to any of her looks.

Sienna Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Siena Rosso: Unique, Hard working

Visionary Lash 005 and Hyper Performance Gel Liner

Siena Rosso is an opera singer who is an outsider to the socialite world but she is an independent, hard working woman. She’s the type of woman who will make sure she is taken care of and she will work hard for this. As a performer on stage, our Visionary Lash 005 gives her beautifully defined eyes paired with our Hyper Performance Gel Liner for a sweat proof, long lasting makeup look. 


Genevieve Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Genevieve DelaCroix: Sensual 

Visionary Lash 006 and Pure Pigment Kohl Liner

Genevieve DelaCroix is the most sensual character. She is also part of the working class but it does not mean she does not belong. She makes all the beautiful dresses all of the ladies wear and in her spare time explores her sensuality. Our Pure Pigment Liner is perfect for her signature sultry look paired with Visionary Lash 006.


Lady Lash Star Makeup Look Image


Lady Whistledown: Mysterious, Mischievous, Moody

Visionary Lash Flares 

Last but not least, Lady Whistledown. Who is she? Where is she? Do we know her? Her mysterious and mischievous personality screams her unpredictability. She can tear a person down but also build them up. She can be sweet but she can also be sour. With her fleeting moods, our Visionary Lash Flares are the perfect match because she can customize her look depending on what mood and personality she wants to shine through for the day.

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