Visionary Lash 007

Visionary Lash Style 007 features multi-layered full segments, creating a starbursts effect and a true 60’s vibe. These fluffy, feathery lashes are as luscious on the eye as they look in the tray.

Reusable 20-30 times with appropriate care
Length: 9-12 mm
Volume: Very Full

Forget about authentic mink lashes. These synthetic mink falsies are made from super-premium silk that makes our lashes even more luxurious and natural looking than mink lashes, and they are cruelty free! Get the full volume lashes you are looking for without compromising on quality or comfort. The lush layers of these feathery lashes create a 3D effect, while our exclusive cotton band makes them some of the most comfortable falsies you’ll ever wear.

Starting with curled and mascara applied lashes, follow these steps to apply these full volume lashes like a total pro.

HANDLE WITH CARE: Gently remove Visionary Lash 007 from its tray with hands or tweezers, lifting from the glued tabs at each end.

MEASURE AND TRIM: Using our Lash Applicator Tool, lift the lashes to your lash line to measure. Trim the glued tabs, and excess lash from the inner corner.

GLUE APPLICATION: Using our Visionary Lash Glue, apply a thin line of glue to the false lash band with the brush applicator. Apply an extra dot at each end and at the center for an extra strong hold.

LASH APPLICATION: Once the glue has become “tacky” using our Lash Applicator Tool carefully place the fake lashes at the base of your natural lash line. Using our Lash Applicator Tool, adjust and hold lash down to secure.

REMOVAL: Using an oil-free and cotton swab, lightly dab along the lash band to soften the glue. Once loose, gently remove lash and store in its original case for safekeeping.

TIP: For your feathery lashes to have the fullest life, refrain from applying mascara or exposing them to water.