Lash Star is a revolutionary new makeup line. It is the first and only color cosmetics brand rooted in professional makeup artistry to manufacture and distribute a complete line of products devoted to all things eyelashes.

After two decades spent transforming the eyes of celebrities, models and other industry elite, renowned makeup artist Tracy Murphy has perfected the art of flawless lashes. Her signature techniques have created a passionate insider following for their game changing results, so she created Lash Star Beauty to spread the love to everyone. Because all eyes deserve to be fabulously framed.

Lash Star Beauty serves its consumers as the authority on lashes and to empower them to feel more confident and beautiful inside and out by helping them achieve the lashes they never thought were possible.

As the lash authority, we deliver a full range of mascaras, false eyelashes, eyeliners, eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, highlighterseyelash curlers and tools and techniques designed to demystify eye makeup, and liberate the next-level lashes you've had all along.

It’s so obvious, yet you probably never thought of it this way before: eyelashes are hair. And just like the hair on your head is unique to you, no two sets of eyelashes are the same. That’s why the first step to finding your ideal lash products is determining your eyelash type. So we created our Lash Diagnosis Tool— Tell us about your lashes and we'll use my time-tested analysis techniques to recommend your personal Lash Rx.