Collection: Lash Curlers

What Kind of Eyelash Curlers Does Lash Star Have?

As experts in the lash industry, we offer various eyelash curlers to compliment our collection of false lashes. Varying from heated lash stylers to jewel encrusted, we have everything you need to curl your lashes to perfection.

Supreme Lash Curler

Supreme Lash Curler

Whether you’re wearing falsies or not, you can always add extra curl and definition using a lash curler. The Supreme Lash Curler is similar to a traditional curler, and is able to curl every single lash at once, so no lash is left behind. In order to get fabulous lashes, you need to start somewhere! The  Supreme Lash Curler is a classic that is perfect to start your lash routine with. The round pads give your lashes a smooth curve that really opens the eye.


Heated Lash Styler

Looking for a way to shape your unruly lashes without an eyelash curler? Our  heated lash styler creates a lasting upswept curl when using the perfect temperature and can even be used to style eyebrow hairs! This heated lash curler can be used on natural or false lashes, as well as lash extensions. We didn’t even mention one of the best parts about the heated lash styler - it can be recharged via USB port and no batteries are required!


Stardust Eyelash Curler

Similar to our Supreme Lash Curler, but with a posh twist, the  Stardust Eyelash Curler will give you the ultimate curl with the gentle silicone pad and some style with the jewel encrusted handles. Fashionable and functional, the encrusted handles provide a secure grip while using to ensure the perfect curl.


Remember, eyelash curlers are your friends, not torture devices! It doesn’t have to be scary if you stay calm and practice. If you’re still unsure how to use lash curlers, read our blog on  how to curl your lashes to perfection.


Why Choose Lash Curlers From Lash Star?

Lashes are our lives! Seriously, it’s in the name - Lash Star Beauty. We have spent years and years dedicated to lashes, we know all about lashes and what people want, to make sure we provide exactly that. Our lash curlers are the perfect best friend to our  Visionary False Lash collection, so why not pick up both?