Collection: Makeup Tools

What Kind of Makeup Tools Does Lash Star Have?

As experts in the lash industry, we offer various eyelash tools. Whether you need something to help you apply your false lashes, or you prefer to use mascara on a regular basis, we have all of the lash tools you need.

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Eyelash Curler

Whether you’re wearing falsies or not, you can always add extra curl and definition using a lash curler. Our Individual Eyelash Curler is perfect for creating a cat-eye effect and concentrating the curl in specific areas. The Supreme Lash Curler and Stardust Eyelash Curler are similar to traditional curlers, and are able to curl every single lash at once, so no lash is left behind. Learn how to curl your lashes to perfection using Lash Star Eyelash Curlers. Want your lashes to touch the ceiling? Go for our Heated Eyelash Styler, for lashes that stay and never stray.


Eyelash Scissors

Sometimes, our false lashes (or our real lashes) don’t always cooperate. False lashes are always sold in one size fits all, but not everyone has the same size eye! You need to be able to fit your lash to your lash line to blend the two seamlessly. This is where our Visionary Lash Scissors come in handy! Perfectly trim falsies to fit your eyes, so no one will ever know your dirty little secret.


Lash Applicator Tool

Not all of us are experts in applying false lashes, and that’s why we need resources like ‘All About How to Apply False Lashes’ and our Lash Applicator Tool. For those of us still learning how to apply lashes correctly, a lash applicator tool is a saving grace! Precisely place your falsies on your lash line to step out with gorgeous and lush lashes. You’re welcome!


Eyelash Spoolie

How do you get lifted and perfectly separated lashes? Our Lash Brush, of course. We have designed our Lash Brush to perfectly lift and separate lashes (natural or falsies) to make sure there’s no clumping or lone stragglers. Such a simple tool, yet always so necessary!


Lash Glue

Why is lash glue so important, you may ask? Well, how else will our false lashes stick and stay? We do not want to lose our precious falsies as soon as a gust of wind comes along. Our Visionary Lash Glue pairs perfectly with all of our lashes, to make sure that your lashes stay all day, regardless of the weather.


Why Choose Makeup Tools From Lash Star?

Lashes are our lives! Seriously, don’t you want tools made by people who have spent years and years dedicated to lashes, rather than newcomers to the game? We know all about lashes and what people want, to make sure we provide exactly that.