How to Create a Glamorous Halloween Look

How to Create a Glamorous Halloween Look

Halloween is almost here, so we rounded up our favorite, most glam costumes, ranging from the spooky to the sexy—plus the Lash Star Beauty products you will need to achieve a star-making look wherever you go.

Halloween Witch Costume

1. The Glam Witch 

There’s nothing more classic—or easier to pull together—than a witch getup for Halloween. Elevate this standard costume with Lash Star Beauty’s Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara to achieve the blackest, longest lashes ever. Create an elegant smokey eye with our Pure Pigment Kohl Eyeliner Pencil, then amp up the drama with our Modern Nudes Eyeshadow, layering the darker colors from your brow bone to inner eye for a sultry, spooky gaze. You’ll be the most elegant witch on the block!


Halloween Costume Elvira

2. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Elvira’s never been more popular than this Halloween season, thanks to the recent memoir by Cassandra Peterson, aka the actress behind the beloved Mistress of the Dark. To get her iconic, immortal look, start with Visionary Lash 009. To recreate her super-intense, double-cat eye shape, pack on the Hyper Performance ™ Gel Eyeliner. (Don’t forget the Visionary Lash Adhesive and our Lash Applicator Tool for a truly cruel-free application!)


Daphne Bridgerton Halloween Costume

3. Daphne Bridgerton

If spooky isn’t your thing, turn to the insanely popular Netflix show Bridgerton for seriously fun costumes (and accents, if you’re not British). To recreate Daphne’s elegant staredown, try Visionary Lash 004 and the Flash of Brilliance Skin Illuminator to capture that English rose glow. (Check out even more Bridgerton characters’ makeup looks here.)


Halloween Flapper Costume

4. 20s’ Flapper

If you love going back in time for Halloween, you cannot get more glam than the Roaring Twenties. Flappers literally lived to make a dramatic entrance. To recreate their bold yet feminine look, we recommend Visionary Lash 002. And you could pluck your brows to get those super-thin brows popular at the time... Or you could just use our Exacting™ Eyebrow Pencil to get the pro-level elongated shape that would make Daisy Buchanan stir with envy. Its retractable brow pencil on one end defines and shapes, and its brush on the other keeps stray strands in check for ultimate precision.

Photos: Canva, Hachette Media, Netflix, Warner Bros. 

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