Tracy Murphy, Founder

After two decades spent transforming the eyes of celebrities, models and other industry elite, renowned makeup artist Tracy Murphy has perfected the art of flawless lashes. Her signature techniques have created a passionate insider following for their game changing results, so she created Lash Star Beauty to spread the love to everyone. Because all eyes deserve to be fabulously framed.

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Orla Maguire Moore, Co-Founder

Orla’s passion is fashion and beauty. As an editor at Cosmopolitan for many years she was tasked with transforming models and celebrities to look perfect in front of the camera, and with that came the opportunity to see the role that make-up plays in creating that picture. Tracy and Orla have worked together over the past 20 years, sharing their passions for all things stylish. Orla’s eye for precision and love of make-up has helped Tracy in carving out the overall vision for Lash Star. Orla is all about red-carpet ready and with Tracy’s technique and Lash Star’s magic, she is so excited about sharing her passion with all you lash lovers out there!