Welcome to our first blog post!

Lash Star Beauty was created to help you Maximize Your Lashes To Their Full Potential.

Lash Star is a revolutionary makeup line, " The Lash Authority’ offering a complete collection of innovative eyelash enhancing cosmetic products, artistry tools, and long-wearing false lashes. We are the first beauty line focused exclusively on the eyelashes - and the only eyelash brand to be carried solely by prestige retailers as well as featuring on QVC and we are thrilled to announce we are launching in Harrods, H Beauty in London this fall!

I want to help you discover all that Lash real estate you never even knew you had and bring you the best tips and tricks to make sure you're on top of your lash game!

Going for global lash domination one gorgeous pair of eyes at a time.

Great Lashes, Great Mood, Great Day! xo

- Orla Maguire, Founder / Chief Visionary

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