Want to learn how to keep your lashes in optimal condition?

Want to learn how to keep your lashes in optimal condition?

Here at Lash Star, we treat our lashes like an extension of our hair, the problems you might encounter with your hair are likely the same issues you may have with your lashes. For example; too thin, too straight, too unruly, too dry etc.  So we like to offer you a solution no matter what your lash qualm is.  One of the most important things however is to keep your lashes conditioned.

As big flutterly lashes have been such a trend these past few seasons and show no signs of going anywhere -some of us have been indulging in lash extensions or overloading it on the growth serums.

Give your lashes the TLC they deserve by adding some Vitamin E oil to a cotton round and sweeping it over your lashes, root to tip, at bedtime. This will give the oil the chance to penetrate through all of our lash hairs and help keep them strong and well conditioned.

When using mascara - we always recommend one that contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients like our Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara that features a Phyto-keratin complex from plant amino acids that hydrates and nourishes lash hair from root to tip, along with Cottonseed Oil, rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, thoroughly conditions lashes keeping them soft and strong.

Great Lashes, Great Mood, Great Day!


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