The LBD of your makeup bag!

The LBD of your makeup bag!

The little black dress is the quintessential style item that has been in fashion for decades gone by and decades to come. If we don't all have one - we should!

What makes the little black dress so timeless is that it is usually a simple and elegantly designed dress that is the most versatile of all our wardrobe staples. It takes us from day to night, from casual to formal, as well as from season to season, effortlessly!

The black kohl eyeliner is my makeup staple - the little black dress of my make up bag if you may!  Is there any makeup look more interesting than a smokey eye?...or sexy…or just full on glamorous?

Classic sophistication with a hint of sizzle!  Or perhaps think Debbie Harry’s punk looks from the 70’s or Cara Delevignes edgy, dramatic, outlined eyes in the early 2020’s. During my editor days when I used to see French Vogue’s, Carine Roitfeld’s at the shows with her smoldering eyes, I thought she was so bold and daring and always exuded such sex appeal, her Parisian manner, pencil skirts, towering stilettos and kohl rimmed eyes always left me drooling! Oh to have the french bon chic!

Kohl can go on as light or dark as you like and can be lightened or darkened as your day progresses.  If it still all sounds a little too dramatic to you - trust me - set that inner femme fatale free for at least a night or two!
We created our Pure Pigment ® Kohl Eyeliner with you in mind - whether you are a novice or a pro, this is a simple, elegant, foolproof way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your look.

Our Pure Pigment ® Kohl Eyeliner is of course free from all the ingredients that we would never ever dream of using.  As an eye focused brand your eyes are most important to us. Ophthalmologist tested for your waterline and glides on with ease while delivering a beautifully rich, long wearing, black payoff.

It's as simple as zipping up your little black dress - line your eye with the sharpened pencil and then with the smudger on the opposite end - smoke it out to be as soft and sensual as you like. Et Voilà…

Go Heavy, Go Light …But always Go Kohl!



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