Luscious Lashes: Tips to Keep Your Lashes Curled for Longer

Luscious Lashes: Tips to Keep Your Lashes Curled for Longer

We all love that glamorous, wide-eyed look that curled lashes give us.  They instantly open up our eyes and add a touch of allure to our overall appearance.  However, maintaining the perfect curl throughout the day can sometimes be a challenge.  Let us give you some tips that will ensure your lashes remain perfectly curled from morning till night!

1. Avoid Excessive Mascara Reapplication
Throughout the day, you might be tempted to touch up your mascara or add another coat to freshen up.  The truth is, excessive reapplication can lead to clumping and weighing down your lashes, causing them to lose their curl.  Instead, carry a Lash Styler Brush and lift and separate your lashes without adding more product.

2. Heat Things Up
To enhance the staying power of your curled lashes, try using our Heated Eyelash Curler.  This innovative tool works similarly to a traditional curler but uses gentle heat to set the curl in place.  Before using the Heated Eyelash Curler make sure your lashes are clean and dry.  To start, coat your lashes with one coat of Full Control Mascara then apply your second coat.  After both coats, take your Heated Curler and let your lashes settle on the heated rod for a minute to let the heat penetrate through the lash hairs and then sweep the curler from root to tip. The lashes are now set and will hold their curl.

3. Lash Primer
Adding a lash primer to your makeup routine can enhance the longevity of your curled lashes.  Apply a thin coat of primer to your lashes before using a curler and mascara.  Lash primers typically have a gripping formula that helps hold the curl in place.  This extra step can make a noticeable difference in keeping your lashes curled all day.
4. Master the Curling Technique
To achieve the perfect curl, position your Supreme Lash Curler close to the base of your lashes and gently squeeze it for a few seconds.  For an extra lift, repeat this step halfway up your lashes and hold for 10 seconds.  Remember, be gentle to avoid any discomfort or damage.  Lash Star Beauty’s Supreme Lash Curler is the best curler with noticeable results and is curved so you can really get a beautiful curl.  The silicone on the curler goes edge to edge so you won’t catch your skin in the metal and is very gentle with your lashes. 

5. Freeze the Curl
An effective trick to lock in your lash curl is by cooling it!  After applying mascara, take a few seconds to blow your lashes with a shot of cool air from your hairdryer on the cool setting.  The cold air helps set the curl in place and ensures it stays put throughout the day. 

Achieving beautiful, curled lashes that last all day doesn’t have to be a dream.  By incorporating these techniques into your makeup routine, you can maintain a stunning curl that enhances your eyes and have them sparling from day to night!

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