2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year. We all have a leading lady in our life who'd appreciate a present that makes her shine: the mom who never has time for herself, the glamour queen, the friend who's a new product addict, the extremely picky goddaughter, the coworker who'd never show up to the office without lashes, and your son's new girlfriend whom you barely know. 

This holiday season, we're here to help make shopping easy and destined to impress the recipient. Even better: almost every Lash Star Beauty gift is under $40. Each one is perfect for every star in your universe—which includes you. 

Leading Lady: The Busy Mom With No Time 

Everyone is on-screen these days. We all know someone who can barely manage a comb through her hair before a work Zoom, let alone apply a full set of lashes. That's why the busy gal in your life will love the Heated Lash Curler. This sleek, lightweight, portable device is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and charges from any USB port. She can literally curl her lashes in the car or in front of her computer. It creates a lasting upswept curl with gentle heat and can set lashes into place throughout the day to freshen up a look. 


Leading Lady: The Glamour Queen

Any true diva will appreciate the Stardust Eyelash Curler with a jewel-encrusted handle. The gentle silicone pad makes curling a cinch, and its universal shape works with most eye shapes. Plus, its beautiful handle delivers a secure grip, but more importantly for this drama-loving leading lady, it will deliver compliments whenever and wherever she uses it.  

Leading Lady: The Makeup Addict

We all know the markers of a makeup addict... The countless selfies, multiple cosmetic bags, goes to a department store to buy sheets and leaves with a new eyeshadow. That's why any makeup guru will love the Full Control ™ Lash Sculpting Mascara. (Hundreds of 5-star product reviews agree.) We're admittedly biased, but this breakthrough patented mascara's two unique formulas and brushes are guaranteed to impress anyone with a PhD in Beauty. Buying someone else makeup can be risky, but what makeup hoarder—whoops, we mean expert— wouldn't be thrilled to boost her lash volume up to 4,100%? 

Leading Lady: The One With "High Standards"

This all-too-familiar leading lady has exacting taste. She does not like surprises, whether it's a blind date or other people buying gifts for her. She smiles through gritted teeth, unwrapping the shiny paper, and immediately looks inside the box for a gift receipt. So give the control freak in your life a Lash Star Beauty gift card which is the gift of control. It's all she really wants anyway. 

Leading Lady: Not-Without-My Lashes

You might know this lady from your office, the post office, or at the gym. (You might even be her.) But one thing is certain: you've never seen her without lashes. She's given birth in them, she sweats in them, and definitely sleeps in them. Unless you know what kind of Visionary Lash she prefers, we advise gifting the always be-lashed woman in your life a set of must-have tools: the essential Lash Applicator ToolVisionary Lash AdhesiveLash Styler Brush and the vegan leather Varda Cosmetic Bag to store them. Industry pros love our tools for a reason, and this leading lady will be no exception. 



Leading Lady: The One You Just Met 

It's a classic recipe for holiday awkwardness. Your son announces he's bringing his new girlfriend home for Christmas, or your daughter's college roommate joins the family gathering this year. They're close enough that you have to get them a present, but other than looking up their Instagram, you barely know them. We recommend the Maximize Your Lashes Starter Kit, with a trio of our best-selling products. She'll be duly impressed—even if she doesn’t become part of the family!

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