Get the Look: Modern Bridal Glamour

Get the Look: Modern Bridal Glamour

New bride Kelly McGuinness Nadoraski radiated elegance and joy on her wedding. Take an intimate look at her bridal story, plus our pro tips to recreate her modern bridal glamour.

Lash Star Beauty Bridal Story

Here are our pro tips to achieve modern wedding glamour that will last all day, from first thing in the morning until the last sip of champagne! 

Wedding Makeup Pro Tips

  1. It's one of the most special days in a person's life, which is why chic, modern brides like Kelly kept our SUPREME LASH CURLER handy. To get a perfect, beautiful curl, you need a quality eyelash curler. (If you don't believe us, check out the reviews—it's beloved.) Plus, the 24-Karat gold plating elevates this sturdy lash tool into a glamourous must-have. 
  2. On the big day, brides do not want to constantly refresh their makeup. They want to enjoy the moment! This is why we recommend our HYPER PERFORMANCE™ GEL EYELINER because it lasts all day. Truly: it doesn’t budge. It's totally waterproof, so if you can cry those tears of happiness without worrying about ruining your perfect eye! And depending on how much you celebrate, the eyeliner can last until the next morning... 
  3. Some brides prefer a more demure look for the ceremony, then want to ramp up the glamour for the reception after. Kelly used our FULL CONTROL ™ LASH SCULPTING MASCARA to add more lash layers as the day went on, thanks to its endlessly buildable formula. It can boost lash volume up to 4,100%! (The 2-in-1 double-ended mascara was inspired by layering methods from being on countless sets.)  
  4. Any wedding is a long day for the bride. For brides like Kelly who used our Visionary Lash Flares or any Visionary False Lashes for extra "oopmph," we recommend adding extra adhesive at the outer edges of the false lashes and in the center, so you get all-day hold. Extra bondage means less worry, and who wants to be worried about a loose lash on their big day? 

Photos: Holtz Wedding Photography

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