False eyelashes - glossary of false eyelash terms


False Eyelashes Glossary of Terms

What are faux mink lashes? Are silk lashes silk? 

Sometimes false eyelash terms can be confusing, so let me simplify it for you!

Falsies - Falsies is the term used to describe false eyelashes, aka strip lashes.

Silk Lashes - Silk lashes are another synthetic material that is light and wispy like threads of silk and can be more natural looking than the traditional faux mink eyelashes. 

Faux Mink Lashes - Faux Mink lashes are modelled after real mink fur, so they're the thinnest type of synthetic lashes available. As a result, they're used most often to give volume. They are made of a synthetic material called PBT (or Polybutylene terephthalate).

Mink Lashes - Lashes made from the hair of real minks.  At Lash Star we are most proud to be a cruelty free brand with Leaping Bunny Certification. So we DO NOT sell Mink Lashes.

Multi- Dimensional Lashes - Our Visionary Lash collection is multi-dimensional meaning that the hairs are placed along the cotton band in multiple layers to give that full lush effect. Our preferred look! Which is also the most natural looking.

3-D Lashes - False eyelashes that have 3 layers built into the band are described as three dimensional or 3D. These also mimic the natural lashes in a more realistic way and give very nice volume.

Single Strip Lashes - False eyelashes where the hairs are simply placed next to each other and not in a 3-D or multi-dimensional manner.

Flares - Flares also known as cluster lashes are where false eyelashes are grouped together in small bundles of 10-20 hairs each.  These are great for a more customized bespoke look and let you really add impact and drama where you need it. Flares are also great for those experiencing lash loss due to too much usage of Lash extensions.

I hope this helps decipher the various types of false eyelashes out there! 

Great Lashes, Great Mood, Great Day!

- Orla xo

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