Fabulous At Every Age…

Fabulous At Every Age…

Embracing age is a lifelong dilemma for some - I never understand that.  With each year comes more beauty - beauty in the form of wisdom, self awareness and confidence.

Age is an asset that should not be undervalued. Age should never compromise glamor - we still have it ladies! I like to think, even more so - as we mature!  We have the acquired skill of caring less what other people think about us and caring more what we think about ourselves.

Don’t hold back, use that smoky eyeliner. Sexy glamor is age proof,with confidence as the ultimate accessory.  Find all that lash real estate and layer on the mascara! Those are my 2 ‘can't live without’ products.  They not only make me feel that I look half decent but they arm me with the confidence to face each day head on. My little jolt of super power shall we say!  

Hitting the half century mark is a monumental one, and while I was not screeching from the rooftops, I celebrated!  Celebrated me, celebrated life.  I made it this far!  My kids are in College and High School - my little people are now big enough to navigate their own way around by themselves, for the most part.

Now that I’m ‘settling in’ to middle age, I have decided that the 50’s are sure to be one of the best decades, I’ve reached the point where the little things no longer bother me - a few wrinkles, a few pounds, none of it as earth shattering as it used to be!  Wrinkles and laugh lines are a privilege - not everyone gets to have them. All signs of a life well lived. 

Cheers to us Ladies! 

Great Lashes, Great Mood, Great Day! 



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