Embrace the Effortless: Keeping your Eye Look Simple for Summer

Embrace the Effortless: Keeping your Eye Look Simple for Summer

The temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to embrace the carefree vibes of summer.  When it comes to your eye makeup, keeping things simple and fresh is the key to looking effortlessly gorgeous in the warm weather.  I’ll guide you through tips and tricks to achieve a stunning yet simple eye look for the summer season that’ll have your natural beauty shining! 

Embrace Nude Tones: 
When aiming for a simple eye look, opt for a palette of soft, neutral shades.  Nude tones like beige, and light brown or even blush tones like light pink. create a natural and fresh appearance.  Apply a light wash of your chosen shade across the eyelid, blending it softly towards the crease for a seamless transition.  This subtle yet sophisticated look will enhance your eyes without overpowering your overall summer glow.  

Focus on Lashes:
To make your eyes pop without extensive eye shadow application, turn your attention to your lashes.  Using Lash Star Beauty’s Full Control Mascara you’ll create luscious lashes that will make a world of difference in your eye makeup.  Our Full Control Mascara is lightweight, and gives a natural look while lengthening your lashes.    

Brighten with Inner Corner Highlight:
Adding a touch of brightness to your eye area can instantly awaken your look.  Take a shimmery, champagne or pearl-toned eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes, this technique creates the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes, making you appear refreshed and radiant.  This step adds a subtle yet captivating touch to your overall summer eye makeup. 

Playful Eyeliner
If you want to add a hint of playfulness to your eye look, consider a soft winged eyeliner.  Opt for Lash Star Beauty’s Pure Pigment Kohl Eyeliner Pencil for a more soft and natural effect.  Start around where your baby lashes are towards the inner corner of your eyes and gradually thicken the line as you reach the outer corner.  Keep the wing subtle and delicate, creating a gentle look using the smudger side of the pencil to soften the wing.  This effortless winged liner adds definition and a touch of charm to your summer eye look.



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