3 Ways to Use Your Lash Glue

3 Ways to Use Your Lash Glue

3 Ways to Use Your Visionary Lash Adhesive

Attach your Visionary False Lashes:

The most basic and intended use of  lash glue is to adhere false lashes onto your eyelids. Whether it’s lash strips or individuals, a great lash adhesive will ensure an all day wear. To make sure that your lashes stay on, add a second layer of adhesive to both ends of the strip to keep it from lifting.

Use it as a Brow Gel:

A new way to use lash adhesive is to set your brows in place and lift them. Many celebrity makeup artists and even Catriona Gray, our former Miss Universe, loves to do this. Fill in your brows as usual with your favorite products like our  Exacting Eyebrow Pencil. Then add a few drops of our  Visionary Lash Adhesive (which goes on white, but dries clear) on the back of your hand and take our Lash Styler Wand, dip it into the Lash Adhesive and brush it onto your brow hairs. For the brow lamination look, brush your lash hairs upwards. The Lash Adhesive should dry down to a beautiful natural finish.

Adhere Glitter or Gems:

Do you ever want to spruce up your makeup look and think of adding some gems or glitter to your look but don’t have glitter glue or spirit gum? Your  Lash Adhesive is just as good and will hold your glitter and gems. For gems, add a dot of Lash Adhesive on the back of each gem and adhere where you want to. For glitter, add a little bit of Lash Adhesive on the back of your hand, take your ring finger and dab onto your lid or area you want to put the glitter. Then take your glitter and pat gently on top of the Lash Adhesive. 

Who knew your Visionary Lash Adhesive could be the most versatile item to have in your makeup bag!

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