“Tracy Murphy is the literal queen of the lash. I’ve known Tracy for years and I trust her completely.  She has been there for me since day one of my career and I’m so fortunate to have hit so many milestones with her by my side; including my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover which was the culmination of such an inspiring weeks’ worth of shooting in Turks & Caicos. Her ability to know what products to use to achieve whatever look you are going for is unreal. With her new line Lash Star Beauty, every woman has the chance to reach their Lash Goals and have the lashes of their dreams daily. I’m thrilled that she is finally showing the rest of the world the talent that I have known for so long – she can totally transform lashes!”

— Ashley Graham, Supermodel



“I never feel more beautiful than when Tracy Murphy is around because of her uplifting personality and true natural talent. She gives me the confidence and support I need to perform in a high stress environment. Tracy transforms an idea into work that is not only impressive and exquisite, but does so while accentuating one's best features and natural beauty. And no one makes my lashes look as long, thick and flawless as Tracy does. She is the true lash queen!”

Kate Upton, Supermodel/Actress



“Tracy's lashes are the best I've had in the business. After she would do my lashes (simply with mascara) I would leave them as long as possible because I knew it was something I could never recreate myself.  She has a technique that makes it look like you have full, dark lashes on the top and bottom, and because there aren't false lashes involved it looks completely natural and lush. Aside from her being a lovely person, the utmost professional, full of great energy on set, I love knowing that we can be in the middle of nowhere on an island, and I don't even need a mirror to check her work because per usual, it will be beautiful... and you will look like YOU, just a little perfected. Tracy's been there for some of the biggest moments of my career, and I feel so incredibly lucky because of it!"

Brooklyn Decker, Supermodel/Actress


“Tracy Murphy is my go-to for the fresh, beautiful, sexy looks that grace the pages and the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. For years, I have trusted her with the looks of our models, cover models and my own face everywhere, from elegant Spain to beachy Australia. Our main beauty focus at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is the eyes. This is where lashes reign supreme and Tracy is the QUEEN! The Murphy eye is everything. It is sexy, beautiful PERFECTION. I can’t get enough of them or HER. ”

— MJ Day, Editor, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit


“Tracy Murphy is a world renowned makeup artist and the first person I go to for important shoots. Her technique, especially with eye make-up, is unsurpassed. Tracy is the go-to makeup artist for any eye story. I've seen her take a regular woman's eyes and transform them into something magical, she has perfected the technique of eye makeup application.”

Michelle McCool, Fmr. Fashion Director, Cosmopolitan


“I have very little lash growth in length and thickness, but when I saw my lashes “before and after”, I was kind of stunned! Way sexier! With Tracy’s techniques, I learned that (even with my lack of lashes) layering mascara, I can produce the illusion of a thick, full lash.”

Darcie, Editor


“When Tracy shared her lash tips with me, it changed my life!!! I love, love, love my lashes! It’s the only makeup I wear. I didn’t know my lashes could like this. I never like to look too done so this is the perfect solution for me. If I need to glam it up for an event, I'll just add liner. Lashes go a long way. Perfect for day and night. I have such a busy life and no time to do anything else, all I carry with me is mascara to add few extra layers of touch ups before I go out for the evening and I'm all set.”

— Rebecca, Fashion Designer


“If I was only allowed to use one piece of makeup, hands down it would be a mascara. I think it's the most transformational piece of makeup to a woman like myself who doesn't have full or long lashes. That being said, I've never purchased the same mascara twice and am constantly on the search for one that does everything- separates, lengthens, adds volume, doesn't get clumpy and stays on all day.  I can honestly say Lashstar fills every single one of these voids and I was SHOCKED when I saw my 'after' lashes that Tracy did. I can never go back to anything else! “

— Natalie Scicolone, Assistant Stylist


“Tracy Murphy showed me the lash light years ago. I'm so grateful. She helped me find the perfect lash curler and mascara then, and I haven't stopped using her techniques in 20 years. As a matter of fact, she recently "prescribed" an ideal mascara for me when it was looking for a specific affect/look & I didn't want to purchase 3 or 4 types to trial them. She's a genius with the entire eye! Make-up, brow contour, you name it. A real life saver!”

Carla, Nurse


“Mascara is my number one most important cosmetic accessory. I can be seen in any state of disarray, but if I am caught in public without mascara I know I've lost my way. Within a couple hours of meeting Tracy she pointed out a critical error in my mascara application. At first I was horrified that I had lived so many years not knowing this, and now I have pride and confidence in knowing that my lashes are so well represented. I'm so grateful that Tracy didn't waste a minute rectifying my ways. I think about her every time I put on my eyes. I've seen others with spectacular lashes, but I thought my problem was genetic. I didn't know technique could make such a difference.”

— Danielle, Photographer and busy mom


“I met Tracy Murphy on a photo shoot 20 years ago and was immediately obsessed with her lashes and the lashes she did on the model. I wanted to have lashes exactly like the ones she did. The tutorial she gave me then is still part of my daily regime down to the mascara, the eye lash curler and how I clean the eye lash curler and clean up around my eyes. And 20 years later I am still getting compliments on my eyelashes nearly every day. Thank you, Tracy Murphy for making me feel beautiful”

— Galadriel, Wardrobe Stylist


“Now, I feel like I actually have eyes and they are open and my mascara is even easy to apply. Thank you for making my morning routine easier! It doesn't run down my face anymore or clump or look like my 8 yr old daughter applied it. THANK YOU TRACY!!…Mascara magician, eye expert, eyelash genius etc... I get major compliments on my lashes. In 5 minutes you taught me how to correctly apply my mascara to enhance my eyes, recommended the best mascara with the right size brush for my type of lashes, gave me a tutorial on the benefits of properly using an eyelash curler (which makes all the difference) and the results are incredible.  Simple, quick quality tips that work for me everyday. She changed my lash life!”

— Diana, Producer


I knew I had long lashes but I never knew how to perfect the “look”. Tracy helped me learn that I shouldn’t be afraid of making a “messy lash” to get the length and plumpness that I want in the end. I learned the right way to use mascara plus tools to get as much lash coverage as possible and I now am not afraid to go bigger with layering.”

— Andrea, Photographer


“I have small kids at home so my entire makeup routine needs to be under a minute. Tracy pointed out to me that the way I was holding the mascara, I was missing half of my lashes. She showed me how to cover all the lashes, and it makes such a huge difference in opening up my eye in the same amount of time as before. I am so happy to know this incredibly simple yet effective tool.”

— Raina, Tailor and busy mom